Mutyara Jus Nusantara Sugar Free in Pouch by Tya Arifin

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Indulge in the rich and authentic taste of Mutyara Jus Nusantara Tya Arifin in Pouch 7sachetx20ml. Savor the goodness of Indonesia's traditional recipe that has been passed down for generations and is known for its beauty-enhancing properties.

  • Improved Formula: This juice is made with a new and improved formula that doesn't contain any added sugar, making it a better choice.
  • Premium Ingredients: The juice contains premium quality ingredients such as Kurma, Madu, Delima, Habbatus Sauda.
  • Pouch Packaging: The juice comes packed in convenient pouch packaging that makes it easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Instructions: consume 1 sachet everyday
  • Quantity Per Pack:  7 sachets x 20ml each

You will love the refreshing taste of pomegranate and dates with every sip. This delicious drink is perfect for those who love to stay healthy but don't want to compromise on taste.

Additionally, the chilled storage type ensures that you get maximum freshness with every sip. This Halal certified drink is made with Kurma, Delima, Madu, Habbatus Sauda ingredients which adds to its authenticity factor.

Grab your Mutyara Jus Nusantara today and indulge yourself in its rich cultural heritage while also taking care your inner beauty! So why wait? Grab your pack today!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Adilah Shamsul
Glowing skin and better menstrual cycle

Good product after 13 days

Amni Syukriyah Adnan

[COMBO] Mutyara Pouch by Tya Arifin

Jamilah Kaijo

[COMBO] Mutyara Pouch by Tya Arifin

Jamu sedap!

Tk pernah rasa jamu sedap ginih. Ug pouch ni paling best!

Syamimi Rosman

The best Jamu I've ever taste. Period cycle lebih teratur dan badan rasa lain after lepas period kita lebih lancar. Dah try 3 bulan memang berkesan.