[TRIAL SET] Mutyara Trial Set by Tya Arifin Kecantikan Wanita

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This authentic juice recipe is curated by Tya Arifin and consists of honey, pomegranate, dates and Habbatus Sauda; a perfect blend for women's inner beauty.

  • Made In Malaysia: This Indonesian juice recipe is made authentically in Malaysia keeping tradition alive.
  • Four Powerful Ingredients: The juice contains honey, pomegranate, dates and Habbatus Sauda for a nourishing experience.
  • Pouch Packaging: The product comes in pouch packaging which makes it convenient to carry around.
  • Fruit Types: The juice contains two main fruit types; Pomegranate and Dates to provide a unique flavor profile.
  • Consumption: 1 sachet per day (morning)

Signature Formula (brown pouch)

  • Formulate with sucrose & maltose sugar
  • Quantity Per Pack:  14 sachets x 20ml each
  • Storage: Store in chilled temperature

Sugar Free Formula (white pouch)

  • Formulate without any additional sugar
  • Quantity Per Pack:  7 sachets x 20ml each
  • Storage: Store in chilled temperature


  • Berry Flavour: A mix of blackcurrant, figs, ginseng and fennel berries that gives a fruity and berry flavor to these jelly sticks.
  • Beneficial Ingredients: The jelly sticks are enriched with fennel berries that offer great benefits for women.
  • Cold Storage:The jelly sticks need to be stored in a cool place to maintain their taste and freshness.
  • Packaging Details: Packaged in an attractive box containing 7 sticks per pack. The net weight of each stick is 20g.
  • Consumption: 1 stick per day (before sleep)



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